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About us

Medsol Billing, LLC was formed in 2008. The founder, Andy Telegrafi, having spent over a decade working in the finance industry, saw an opportunity to create a new business after helping out a anesthesiologist friend. From there, the business grew into more clients, and branched out to Pain Management, Orthopedics, and other specialty billings.


We pride ourselves in the service we offer to our clients, and have helped many providers along our journey. Throughout these experiences, we have learned and seen a lot of scenarios, from working with simple, sole practitioners practices covering one or two offices, to  complex partnership groups providing services in several OBS’s, ASC’s, and Hospitals.
We want to help you grow your business, guide your billing practices, and be your go to partner for billing advice, whenever a new opportunity presents itself. We want to answer all your questions about the unknowns in this business. We want to explain you the whole reimbursement process in detail, and hope to grow stronger and more successful together. Let’s talk…

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