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Cathy Chong

Years of experience: 4
Position: Billing Specialist

Cathy is the foremost expert when it comes to anesthesia claims for Gastroenterology, and Urology. Her unprecedented strength and dedication in getting all claims paid in full, is only surpassed by her eagerness to learn more.


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' model, increase revenue, AND enhance your out-of-network billing STRATEGY.

We strive to help doctors develop a solid understanding of the in-network vs. out-of-network billing strategy so they can maximize revenue. We will work to improve efficiency, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.

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Medsol Billing, LLC

Andy telegrafi

Years of experience: 11
Position: Billing Director

Andy Telegrafi established Medsol Billing, LLC in 2008 to provide business consulting & billing services for private practices. 

Nusrat Miah

Years of experience: 7
Position: Billing Specialist

Miah has an immense experience with out-of-network billing for anesthesia services rendered in New Jersey. She plays a pivotal role in maximizing revenue by preforming multi-level appeals for all Major Medical claims.

Dianne Gildharry

Years of experience: 4
Position: Billing Specialist

Dianne started her carrier in medical billing as a data entry admin, and grew to a leading billing specialist for Pain Mgmt, PT, and Anesthesia. Today she manages her own team of data entry admins and billing specialists.